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About birthday

This is an invitation for my 60 years birthday. I call it the Nightmare before 60 and hope you all will help me into the next decade and make it more crazy than the previous one. This inviation is send to freinds, family, collegues, old class mates, collegues, members from the board game community, Thirsday runnders and probably some more.

I have divided the party into 3 parts. If you only particpate in part one no further actions are needed, but if you want some food and celebrate the more crazy part you need to sign up (find the hidden sign up page) for part 2 and part 3. On On – Just in case

For those of you who dont know Biggles then just call me palle (I know him to now and then especially when things need to be done in a more formal way. It happens despite all now and then. I can gurantte that the queen and lars L√łke wont show this day. Probably also some others.


NB: Remember to sign.up